The next Mindfulness course – Suffolk Coastal

After the partying’s over … there’s often a collective sense of grim resignation follows the Xmas holidays. The media has dubbed it ‘Blue Monday’ and around mid-January 2014 it will turn up as another news item. I’m often asked to talk about it on a Radio Suffolk morning chat show. What to say? Well yes, the collective societal momentum of looking forward to the Xmas break has just gone ‘pop’ – what’s to be ‘looked forward to’ now? The weather IS often more challenging, and that lack of sunlight already beginning to deplete our Vit D resources …seasonal adjustment disorder, SAD? Already lost motivation for all of our new year intentions? And so on – but hey? These are the seasons, these things happen … we have our ‘seasons of discontent’ – and it’s not just in winter.

Mindfulness courses don’t pitch in to battling with the seasonal nature of life (neither climatic nor emotional); instead they work on cultivating resilience through strengthening and improving access to our inner resources.

And here’s the really relevant news – there’s a new MBCT/MBSR course starting either the Tuesday before, or after (depending upon which Monday the media decide upon) Blue Monday, 2014 …and that Tuesday is 14/1/14

More details and how to book: