Announcing the next 8 week Mindfulness course – September, Woodbridge, Suffolk

An 8 week Mindfulness Practice training course – has attracted the National Institute for clinical excellence, NICE, approval as an evidence-based ‘treatment of choice’ for relapse prevention for depression. Modelled as it is upon the Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction course, it will also be invaluable for people struggling with other chronic conditions such as stress, anxiety, panic and pain.

This course will also be an opportunity for therapists and other mental health professionals who are hoping to engage with further training in mindfulness based approaches; attendance on an 8 week course is frequently a pre-requisite to further training.

Facilitated by Martin Wilks, a chartered counselling psychologist with 30 years personal practice experience, and 20+ years developing & sharing mindfulness training skills via groups and one to one.

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