Person-Centred Counselling

Discover Person-Centred Counselling in Woodbridge, Suffolk at the Windmill Natural Health Centre.

Person centred counselling is a client centred therapy which surrounds its focus on therapeutic change. This change is promoted through the clients perspective and aided through the empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard which the counsellor promotes.

The non directivity of this approach portrays a comfortable and secure environment for the client to be themselves. It offers a balanced relationship where there is no expert and the feelings are centred. Person centred therapy is established around the here and now and incorporates life events that lead to specific feelings and thoughts.

It is a therapy that is not designed to give you straight answers or tell you a way to live. It offers time , space and exploration in a way that works for each unique individual. Person centred therapy focuses on a drive for growth and a way forward which is best suitable for that person.