Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness

Looking for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in Woodbridge ? Come to the Windmill Natural Health Centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

We have a group running that integrates a CBT perspective into the mindfulness approach to the maintenance of physical, mental and psychological well-being

What Is It? A holistic and humanistic approach to behaviour change that has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance and promote well-being

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT
Relapse prevention for Depression & tools for Stress, Pain & Anxiety management

Having suffered depressive episodes in the past, are you – or someone you care for – currently NOT depressed AND wanting to stay clear of future episodes?

Are you stressed – or suffering with chronic anxiety or pain?

Or looking for a self-help alternative (or complement) to medication?

If so, MBCT may be what you are looking for. It’s an 8 week group-work treatment (Approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, NICE, 2003) that combines CBT with mindfulness based approaches. You will learn, practice & take away, mind & body techniques which can:

  • Function as an early warning system for detecting depressive/stress symptoms
  • Have a preventative function
  • Have a reparative function
  • Have a life-enhancing function

You may also benefit from the company and support of other group members who have also experienced the disabling effects of chronic depression / stress / anxiety / pain.

We run six groups a year. They are 8 weeks in duration, 2hrs per session and they fit roughly around the school terms. Two groups run in parallel; one based in Woodbridge, the other in Ipswich

Call Martin for info about the next one: 07950802613