Changing Seasons Of Shiatsu

As the days gradually begin to get longer, your natural instincts turn towards increasing the energy in your life. After being indoors over the winter period your body and mind may be resisting the changes put upon them. Similar to animals coming out of hibernation, we too may experience lethargy and be a little snappy whilst getting back into the game.

Unlike a true hibernation however, ours may have consisted of late nights, early mornings, bad habits and a stressful life style. The lack of sunlight, reduced exercise, cold and damp, can cause the kidney region in the lower back to contract. The results are an inhibition in the flow of energy produced there. This manifests as lethargy, back pain and a general feeling of being run down.

New Beginnings

Spring is all about new beginnings. People plan for spring and are looking to the future, so when problems arise, making them unable to carry out these plans, it leads to frustration and anger which can cause tension in the face, neck and shoulders. It can also cause stomach and digestive problems such as Gallstones.

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy and involves a combination of stretches, manipulation and massage, carried out through the client’s clothing. It can be as gentle or as deep as you like it to be. It works the energy in the body, restoring flexibility and vitality.

See Things More Clearly

The deep relaxation that Shiatsu brings helps ease tension in all the problem areas. It brings balance to the mind, body and spirit, allowing us to see things more clearly and be better able to cope. Shiatsu works to unwrap the layers of a problem and uncover the source. Only once the root of the problem is found can it really be dealt with. Shiatsu’s ability to read the body makes it such a unique and effective treatment.

Someone may come with lower back pain and find it is really their shoulder that needs attention. Another could have a stomach complaint and not realise that their frequent headaches were really due to tension which also caused the stomach problem. Basically Shiatsu works the body as a whole, mind and spirit, because it is all actually connected. So if you and you body are struggling to spring into action this year, a Shiatsu treatment could be just what you need.

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