Common Problems and Reflexology

The benefits of Reflexology are known to be effective for common problems and ailments.


Worry, stress and anxiety account for many problems in our everyday life, they weaken our immune systems and make us more susceptible to disease. Stress is the internal response we make to external changes, events or difficulties.

Stress not only effects the mind, the body prepares itself for fight or flight ,to either fight the threat or to flee from it. This ancient response releases adrenaline, quickens the heart rate, and deepens the breathing, blood pressure rises and digestion and intestinal processes shut down.

Muscles tighten and a tense feeling is felt within the stomach and whole body.  Fight or flight is an automatic response to a stressful situation, which we have no control over.

Over a period of time repeated stress begins to take effect on other areas of the body. Reflexology can balance the effects of stress by giving complete relaxation and whilst not being able to remove the cause of the stress, enabling you to cope better within the situation.


There are many causes of headaches. Tiredness, anxiety, tension, hormonal imbalances. Migraine can be triggered by certain foods. All can benefit from Reflexology, which aids in relaxing constricted blood vessels.

Menopausal Problems

Menopausal systems. Hot flushes, mood changes, joint paint and various other distressing symptoms associated with the hormonal changes taking place within the body can be helped by Reflexology. Reflexology relaxes muscles giving pain relief and helps balance the hormones.

These are just a few of the common ailments helped by Reflexology. Reflexology is an holistic therapy which treats the whole body and not just the presenting problem.  Two thousand years ago it was said by Plato.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well . It is important that a healthy mind/body balance is achieved and Reflexology can help with this in several ways. It improves circulation, removes impurities and toxins and allows the body to better heal itself.  During the first consultation you are asked questions about your lifestyle, diet and exercise, sleep patterns, family life and work life and how you deal with stressful situations.

Following consultation a treatment begins with a relaxing foot massage followed by stimulation of reflex points, with emphasis on the areas relating to the presenting problems. You don’t have to be ill to receive a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology treatments together with regular exercise and a healthy diet can maintain natural body balance and increase well-being.

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