Food Intolerances, The Real Deal

I regularly see people who are following a diet whereby one or more foods have been avoided or they are following a specific type of diet for a long period of time and sometimes years.  Occasionally, this may be appropriate but in the main, people should only really need to avoid foods for around 6 months.  We also now apparently have a condition where people will only eat “pure” or “organic” foods and eating habits seem for many, to be more restricted than they possibly need to be.  I believe in healthy and organic food, however I don’t think the odd piece of good chocolate or occasional cup of coffee is a terrible sin!

The other problem I find is that people may be avoiding these foods but still have some of their current health complaints because the underlying problem hasn’t been addressed.

Vitamins And Minerals

As a nutritional therapist I encourage my clients to eat a wide variety of foods in order for them to obtain a good variety of vitamins and minerals and to see their change in eating habits as a big adventure which could not only improve their diet but their health as well.

If a person really wants to know if they have food intolerances I would recommend they carry out a food intolerance test to clarify whether they need to rotate or avoid foods or in fact need to look at other reasons for their health problems such as a lack of digestive juices, or an imbalance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria in the gut etc.,

The other reason for carrying out a test is that many people think they are intolerant to wheat but in fact it may turn out to be the yeast in the bread that is a problem for them.

If a person does need to remove foods from their diet  they should only have to do this for around six months as this is roughly the time it takes for the body to foget what it was reacting to.

I would also recommend that people take specific nutrients to support the immune system in the digestive tract and deal with any digestive imbalances they have as this should further enhance successful reintroduction of foods.

Variety, Variety

Remember, variety, variety variety is the key to reducing your likelihood of food intolerances.

Food Intolerance testing can be particularly useful for cases IBS/digestive disturbance, eczema, asthma, arthritis, migraines, some mental health conditions, sinusitis and rhinitis.

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