Learn to give individually tailored, deeply restorative and nurturing holistic massages through highly personalised, in-depth practical & theoretical tuition, guided practice sessions and workshops  Ana has developed this course following many years of personal discovery and  exploration and through training in various healing and holistic modalities internationally.

This style of massage, which Ana calls Compassionate Presence Massage, is an expression of health, love and connection so needed in these times. 

A 9 month, part-time course held over in-person weekends with additional online sessions, designed to be flexible so that you can study around other commitments. Accredited by the Association of Natural Medicine (ANM), through this qualification you will attain an excellent professional standard and on successful completion of the course you will be able to gain full professional insurance to practise anywhere in the UK, whether setting up your own business from home, going mobile, working from a Health Centres etc.

For full schedule see below.


You will learn & develop expertise in:

The tools, skills and confidence to give a deeply relaxing and tension-relieving, one and half hour holistic massage treatment which you will be able to adapt to suit individual clients’ needs.

  • History and Theory of massage
    including the accountability and responsibility of professional massage practice.
  • Body use and self awareness
    Body use and self awareness, including meditation and relaxation techniques, yoga classes to support correct and supportive posture when massaging and developing your reflective practice
  • Massage techniques
    Massage techniques, with the emphasis on exploration backed up by knowledge about the physiological and psychological effects of strokes. To include conscious and sensitive touch, self-care and use of oil, draping, client’s privacy. Within this you will learn a beautiful, deeply relaxing and superbly tension-relieving holistic massage routine, as well as how to adapt strokes to suit your client’s individual needs. Home practice is encouraged.
  • Professional issues and practice management
    including taking client histories, consultations, reviewing treatments, after-care advice, ethical & legal issues, the practitioner – client relationship and all aspects of becoming a professional practitioner such as setting up your own business and marketing your skills.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    through an online course and through tailor-made tutorials and revision days on the course.

Through course work, lots of practical experience and case studies, you will grow in confidence and expertise. All of this within the holding space of a small, intimate, supportive group. You will find support not only for your progression and development through the course but also for your personal development, which will be catalysed within you during this time together.

Can you relate to any of the following:

  • you are looking for a career that aligns with your beliefs in holistic health and lifestyles 


  • you want to give to others in a way that supports and nurtures their inner vitality whilst at the same time nourishing and honouring your own health & wellbeing


  • you know that you want to give healing, you can feel your innate potential to do this but you're not sure how to start ...


  • ... or perhaps you have started and are looking to develop and further embody your potential, accessing a deeper connection to your offerings and your clients 


  • you may or may not wish to become a professional massage therapist - this may be more of a personal exploration - a journey within, taken for your own development and expansion


  • you feel drawn to a learning environment that is more than the gaining of knowledge and information - you value developing your expertise in a grounded, integrative and fully embodied way


  • you seek discovery and co-creation in a small, supportive group where you are encouraged to develop and trust your innate intuition 


  • you are interested in attaining a strong foundation in Anatomy and Physiology, landmarks of the body, Pathology & Contraindications whilst at the same time ...


  • ... you wish to explore, embrace and allow space for the mystery of compassionate presence massage, the magic that happens when you fully accept another as they truly are in this moment - when you relate to their inner vitality instead of what you think is wrong with them or think may need fixing

If so, this course could be just what you have been looking for . . .  please do get in touch if you have any questions / would like to discuss anything further. 

Spaces are limited to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the course, so if you are feeling called early booking is recommended - I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

Please note this course is for women only.

2021 Dates

The course runs from October 2021 to May 2022

There will be 5 in-person weekends

Currently dates are flexible, adapting to the current situation we find ourselves in - we will all work together around this - if you would like to take this course but cannot make all the dates please do get in touch as often we can rearrange if it works for everyone and our venue, there is also the possibility of catch up sessions, depending on how many you cannot make.

Online Theory sessions:

Some of the theory will be covered in our in-person sessions and we will have additional online theory sessions - times will be agreed and confirmed as we go through the course and adapt to meet your needs.

Additional practice days:

Again, adapting to your needs, we may have additional practice days in October and November.

Ongoing coursework support:

I will be available for support for you with this both in additional online groups and 1:1

Your investment: £1,950

monthly instalment options are available - please enquire

£500 deposit to confirm your space (non-refundable)

For further queries about Massage workshops in Suffolk and Massage Diploma courses in Suffolk please contact Ana.

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To book please contact Ana on 07828 735073