Nutritional Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Sun, sea and sand conjures up pictures of happy adults and children. Hopefully this will be the case for most people but occasionally someone may become poorly or suffer badly with insect bites, sunburn or be having to dash to the loo every two minutes with terrible diarrhoea.

Before you Go

  • An obvious suggestions but get your teeth checked as I’m sure you don’t want to waste valuable holiday time at the dentist.
  • Check out at the post office re reciprocal health care agreements and any forms you might need to complete.
  • Pack a small first aid kit which may include some of the suggestions in this article plus homoeopathic, aromatherapy or other remedies you may have read about or found valuable in the past.

Jet Lag

  • Replace stimulants such as sugar, tea, coffee and alcohol with herb teas, Rooibos tea, Yannoh (coffee substitute). Tea, coffee and alcohol act as physical stressors and also rob the body of the energy vitamins such as vitamin B-complex, they also act as diuretics making the body more vulnerable to dehydration. Water is also needed for energy.
  • Eat unrefined foods such as oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice, brown pasta and millet as these are high in the B-complex vitamins, Calcium and Magnesium. All nutrients needed for energy. Whereas refined foods tend to lack many of these nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of water whilst flying as air quality is often poor and humidity low.
  • By making these small changes your body will be better supported to cope with the strain of changing time zones and being surrounded by recycled air for a number of hours.
  • There are also various anti-clotting nutrients available on the market which may help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights. Of particular benefit may be taking vitamin E, fish or linseed oil in a capsule form for a few weeks before your flight. If taking medication (especially blood thinning drugs) please consult a medical practitioner before taking either of these oils.
  • Be careful with buffet food which may have been hanging around for while as it is probably the ideal environment for bugs to thrive.
  • Make sure you always wash fruit and vegetables in bottled
  • Unpasteurised milk including dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream can be a source bacteria so go for well known makes and keep them refrigerated to help ensure safety
  • Drink bottled, filtered or boiled water when drinking unless you know that the local tap water is pure. If drinking bottled water in restaurants ask the waiter to open the bottle at the table. If you have a particular vulnerability to holiday tummy then consider avoiding ice cubes and using bottled water to clean your teeth.

Sun Rash

  • Aloe Vera is also great for soothing these intensely itchy rashes.
  • Eating foods high in a vitamin called beta-carotene such as orange, red and yellow fruits and vegetables and vitamin B6 such as wholegrains, green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry and eggs may help to strengthen your own defences.

Swimmers Ear

  • Earache is something that children often suffer from and may make them very unhappy. Echinacea extract (preferably alcohol free but not always easy to get) often shortens an attack if caught early. A few drops of olive oil placed into the ear can also help to reduce pain.

Insects, insects everywhere

  • Mosquitos really dislike people who smell/taste of vitamin B1 so eating foods rich in this vitamin such as brewers yeast, brown rice, blackstrap molasses or fish before spending time outside should help to put them off. Alternatively consider taking a B- complex with you on holiday.
  • Swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool also helps to put them off.
  • Mosquitos and horseflies are more attracted to people who drink alcohol as this causes the skin to flush and blood vessels to dilate and therefore makes their job easier!
  • Sugar also gives off a sweet smell that attracts Mosquitos.
  • Aloe Vera once again should have a calming effect and reduce irritation

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