Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

All smokers know the reason why they should quit. Most people are already aware of the benefits to be gained from quitting the habit ; other wise would not have thought of doing so in the first place. However all the logical reasons to quit are often not enough? How can anyone enjoy something that they know is killing them? It isn’t logical because the subconscious mind doesn’t work in a logical manner.

If I said to you Don’t imagine a pink elephant with yellow spots I guarantee you are seeing a very clear picture of one in your mind now! Not very logical!  Hypnotherapy and Gold Counselling looks at the beliefs the individual has about cigarettes and smoking and identifies what needs to change. For example, many people believe cigarettes relax them. Logically this is not the case, as they speed up your adrenaline and heartbeat , doing the opposite of relax at a physiological level. Yet for some people the subconscious mind has learnt at some point in time that they do relax you! In other words the learning overrides the logic.

Usually childhood and teenage years are the time we learn positive things about smoking. If this is the case how can these beliefs be changed? This is where Hypnosis is useful. During this relaxed state of mind and using Gold Counselling the subconscious mind becomes open to giving you information on when these beliefs have been learned and to look at these situations again from a different point of view.

Of course some beliefs don’t need to change in order for some people to quit for good. The subconscious interacts with the world around you without thinking things through or without bothering to look at the details of the situation. Another example of how this works is with phobias. A man who panics on seeing a dog in the park knows at a logical level that the dog will not hurt him. However the subconscious mind was programmed in childhood when he was bitten by a dog at 10 years old to panic when a dog is nearby in order to protect him. The subconscious mind reacts in order to protect him, without even considering that he is 20 years older and the dog is on a chain. In fact the subconscious may panic on seeing a four legged creature that looks like a dog!

It is the same for smoking. Smokers often say I enjoy smoking. This means the subconscious has learnt this, usually from adults around them when growing up or during those teenage years when feelings of being accepted by your peers are so important.

For some people smoking may be related to lack of confidence and low self esteem or childhood trauma, and these issues may have to be resolved in order for them to quit for good.

Please phone the Hypnotherapist to have any questions answered. The number of sessions varies from 2 upwards.

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