Reiki At The Windmill

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to experience Reiki - a healing technique rediscovered by Dr Usui in Japan. It has spread around the world led by Reiki Masters.

Reiki literally means Universal life force energy. The practitioner  tunes into energy and this is then given to the client through the hands placed on different positions on the body. It is a deeply relaxing gentle treatment but with powerful effects.

Free Your Body

The body is a complex organism and will hold onto trauma from a physical event. It will equally hold on emotional upset sometimes hiding it within the tissues which can show itself as tension or prevent the  body from working efficiently. Sometimes the stresses in our life rob us of our balance and energy. Reiki can dissolve these blockages freeing our body to work naturally restoring our equilibrium.

Pain can be a big part of some peoples lives explained or unexplained  it drags down your mood and energy. Reiki will relieve pain. All pain will be eased by a Reiki treatment. How much will depend on the cause, the severity and how long you have had the pain. People and animals with cancer, arthritis and joint pains have received help from Reiki.

Gain Relief

Reiki  has also helped  people with conditions like Irritable bowel syndrome, breathing difficulties, autism and multiple sclorisis. Obviously this would not be a quick fix solution by any means but I have been told by the client how much relief has been gained from regular Reiki treatments. Reiki is gentle and can be given to any  age group it is a lovely treatment in pregnancy where it benefits both mother and child. I saw recently the relaxing effect on two week old babies who were experiencing some difficulties after difficult births. It can also lighten your mood and clear your thoughts.

A typical treatment would last one hour. However keeping in the spirit of Reiki we also have a low-cost Reiki Clinic on the third Saturday afternoon in the month where for £10 you can experience half an hour of Reiki with two or more practitioners. Booking is advised as this can quickly fill up.

Reiki Master

We also run some lovely courses in both the first and second level Reiki.  If you would like to do Reiki level I or II please contact us.

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