Indian Head Massage

Discover professional Indian Head Massage in Woodbridge, Ipswich, Suffolk at the Windmill Natural Health Centre.

Indian Head Massage has its roots in Ayurvedic treatments, the oldest approach to Indian Healing.  The Ayurvedic view of health is based upon balancing the three life forces (doshas) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha and although the treatment only involves the upper body, the benefits are widespread.

Indian Head Massage is a truly holistic therapy and has many physiological and psychological benefits.  The treatment works on balancing the whole body through the chakras in the crown, brow and throat.  Clients are treated in a seated position and the areas treated are the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.  If you would like a summary of the benefits that Indian Head Massage can bring, please do contact me by email.  The treatment is excellent for Clients who are new to massage and can be performed with the Client fully clothed, or with only the top half of clothing removed if you would like oil used.

I use Neal’s Yard products in my treatments (unless others are requested).  For more details on Neal’s Yard products please see here.


Treatments cost:

Indian Head Massage is a 30-minute (£25)  or 60 minute treatment (£34).

Available is a combination of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology – Top to Toe which balances the body and mind, working from these two areas of the body.  This is a minimum of one hour treatment and is priced at £40 for 70 minutes.

What my Clients say :

Emma is very caring, very professional and her studio is spotless with a relaxing atmosphere.
I have recommended my husband who is looking forward to his appointment.


I have had several treatments over the years, but Emma’s is one of the best. I felt very relaxed with considerably less tension in the shoulder area following treatment. I do a lot of driving, so for me this is the ideal treatment.

James O’s

Emma has a very professional and caring approach paying attention to my comfort and giving detailed information regarding the treatment and aftercare. The treatments are excellent and very beneficial.

Vilma W

emma davies

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Home visits are also available.